Thobias Monk is just like any other man his age, trying to find his place in this world. The only thing that makes him different is his ability to find himself in

Thobias grew up in Dublin Ireland, the eldest of 3 kids, he had a very privileged upbringing. Never wanting for anything his parents worked hard to give him and his siblings all of the advantages they didn’t have growing up. Now in his 30’s and trying to come to terms with growing up and dealing with the life a little less extraordinary than he is use to, these posts are a collection of thoughts and stories from his life.

almost like a work of fiction , his first 30 years have been more than eventful, from extreme sports to entertaining the masses, from sex , drugs and strange religious cults to slipping into the tamer existence of the 9-5 world and the short falls and struggles that come along with that.

This is the extraordinary tale of a man who struggles to lead an ordinary life. Some will question these tales and stories,


*The Names and some small details of people in the stories and posts have been changed to protect their identities. These stories are mine to tell but not at a cost*