Sex drive

I often think, about normality. What is a “normal” level of doing something. I hate using the word normal, because what does it mean. But i find myself pondering about, where do i land on the scale compared to those around me. For examples how many times a day does one think about sex, how many times do people masturbate a week, what is a normal level of sex to have or want. Is it strange to want it as much as i do. My sex drive has been a cause of many problems for me in the past, its cause the end of relationships, to act out in compulsive ways to deal with the lack of it, turn to drugs and alcohol. I am aware i have a problem. But recently it’s become ever apparent. I’m sober and clean for nearly 100 days, life in recovery is far from dull, and as i embark on a journey of finding a romantic partner, im concerned my sex drive will always be too much for any partner. Will i leave them feeling that i only want one thing and that i don’t care about anything than the physical. Will they feel badgered and bundered by me. Am i destined for a life of struggle, and constant battling my inner urges, or will i be able to build a relationship in spite of my over active libido

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