Those around me

Blame is such a powerful thing. It destroys, and leaves nothing in it wake. This monring, i reminded of all i have lost through this journey. And of those around me, blaming each other for actions I took. Unwilling to understand or compromise. Unwilling to listen as I stand and take ownership. My heart breaks as I learn to carry a new pain, one that weighs heavy, knowing I may lose that I hold dear. Two sides battle fight for the same thing, unaware of their similarities, unwilling to change. Let go, I cant. Instead I squat down, dig deep and carry this hurt with me. Knowing I get strong with each step I take.

This morning my faith is bruised and battered,but not broken. The life I want, just out of my reach. Pushing me forward as I cross this tight roped called life. One end , the life of my past, filled with pain and sorrow. The other end, the life I dream of, the life I know i deserve and can achieve. I remind myself that a lost footing doesnt mean I will fall, and a step backwards doesnt mean Im going back to the life I left. I just need to rebalance and step forward, slowly, patiently, guided by hope

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