Being Grateful

I want to spend a minutes this morning to express all im grateful for, surrounded by self pity and wollowing in shame and negotiate I’ve lost sight of all the good in my life.  Im grateful for my parents, they have looked after and provided for me for the last 31 years. Ive never been left wanting for anything. My sisters have always been there for me , when im at my lowest they’ve been there to pick me up. Im grateful for my friends, im surronunded by people who love me and are happy to be part of my life , even when i cant see it. Im grateful for the gifts I’ve been born with, i dont make the most of them at all but ive been blessed with some amazing talents and skills. Finally im most grateful for my partner, she has been there for me through everything, she has picked me up and put me back together more times than i came remember.  She is beautiful, smart and confident.  She is so driven and ready for anything. She is fun and full of joy. And even though i have lost sight of myself she’s never given up on me.  She is the reason im still alive. This last one may be quite peculiar, but Im grateful for the fact that things have hit rock bottom, and that I’m on the brink of losing everything. Its given me the sight i needed to pick myself up and change my ways. A chance to have it all back again.